Our Teams

Synchro Stars fields multiple teams each season. Our skaters come from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. Each team practices on weekends with extra practices added for major competitions.

On-ice practices are held at Conway Arena in Nashua, NH, and off-ice practices are held nearby. In addition to team practices, each skater pursues advancement in moves, freestyle and ice dance. These other areas build additional edge, performance, spin and jump skills, and improve their musicality and timing, all of which combine to enhance their synchro experience.

Our Current Teams

2023-24 Open Adult

Introducing our 2023-24 Open Adult Team! Their theme is “I Will Be the Light” and they are learning lots of new skills on the ice this season. Skaters on the Open Adult team consist of 8-20 skaters. All skaters must be 18 years or older. No test requirements.

Open Adult team is coached by Coach Debbie Moffit.

2022-23 Open Juvenile

Introducing our 2022-2023 Open Juvenile team. Their theme this season is “Modern Day Twist on Roaring 20’s” and they are loving it! Skaters on this team are ages 13 to 19. The Open Juvenile team practices for 1 hour 40 minutes on-ice and 1 hour off-ice each weekend, with extra practices scheduled around competitions. The focus of this team is on creating excellence both on and off ice, while being mindful not to create an environment that is overly stressful.

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